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Our Story

Neuve was founded in Perth, Australia by Olivia. It is a small business which started in 2020 with a goal to inspire people through its humble brand.

Olivia used to work in a demanding corporate job where she was constantly put under pressure by the highly male dominated industry. She went through an extremely challenging period at the time and spent a lot of time by herself as a result. That was when she learnt the benefits of mindfulness through going hiking in nature by herself, practising yoga at home and reading a book while lighting up a gifted candle.

From there, she came up with the idea of creating Neuve's own formula because her vision is to be able to provide aromatic products which are vegan and sustainable so it creates a clean, natural and aesthetically pleasing space. Luckily, our founder has a chemical engineering and quality control background who loves getting her hands dirty and technical in every aspect of the process and business. We believe this is what sets us apart from the other brands as we have a high degree of attention to detail and we strive to continuously improve our products and provide the best service for our customers.

At Neuve, we care a lot about your self-care and mental health, and we believe that our mind and body require the right environment and time to be able to rest and fully recover from the busy day-to-day activities that we do.

Through the beautiful fragrant scents and natural botanics from our Australian Made Coconut Soy Candles, Reed Diffusers and Bath Salts, we hope to create a new level of aroma experience and mindful space to help revitalise your day and make your space feel like home because you deserve it.

Core Values

1. Commitment to mental health & well-being

2. Connect and develop authentic relationships

3. Encourage fun, creativity and open-mindedness

4. Build a positive team and family spirit

5. Commitment to environmental sustainability

6. Constant improvement and deliver our very best

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to improving every individual's mental health & well-being through our self-care products and connecting them to a community which provides support, encouragement and outlet for expression.

Our Vision

To make mental health & well-being awareness and support accessible to everyone across the globe.


Say hello and feel free to email us if you have any questions or feedback.

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